Meet Our Furry Family

The Mayrose Minis


Each and every one of our ponies has a unique personality. Their individual qualities make them special in their own ways and we wouldn't change a single thing about them! Nothing can compare to getting to know these little ones in person, but here's a brief "Hello!" from each of them until then. 


Nickname: Harley D, Short Stuff, Bubbalicious

Likes: Mints, His Human Momma, antagonizing his human sister when she's not looking

Dislikes: Not being the centre of attention

Best Feature: Fabio-like flowing mane

If Harley Were Human: He would be a Party Planner

Fun Fact: Harley is the only mini to be born on the farm. Check out his mom Polly below!


Nickname: Polly Wog

Likes: Being the supportive best friend to anyone around her

Dislikes: Aggressive personalities

Best Feature: Unique colouring

If Polly Were Human: She would be in Social Services

Fun Fact: Polly is the first mini that Patti ever owned, she began the obsession.


Nickname: Bud-bud, Chunky Monkey

Likes: Snuggles, going for walks, being pampered, playing dress up

Dislikes: Not being the centre of attention

Best Feature: His "cool dude" personality

If Buddy Were Human: A Tik Tok Star

Fun Fact: Buddy is the latest to join our crew. Mikaela found him on Facebook marketplace, convinced Patti to go see him and the rest is history. Mikaela and Buddy have been joined at the hip ever since!


Nickname: Tor, Tornado

Likes: Peace and quiet, eating grass

Dislikes: Loud or sudden noises and movements

Best Feature: Natural ombre forelock and mane

If Tory Were Human: She would be a hair stylist

Fun Fact: Tory hasn't grown up with our family, but she does have the same father as Peanut and Harley! Her mom still lives on the farm Tory grew up on, in Cressy - PEC.



Nickname: Peanut

Likes: To be in charge

Dislikes: Chaos, things not being in order

Best Feature: Her eyes

If Peanut Were Human: She would be the CEO of Google

Fun Fact: Peanut is the half-sister to Harley and Tory! They all share the same dad!